Embracing Diversity:

High Energy -TT Radio takes pride in being a online radio station run by a diverse team of individuals, each bringing their unique talents, perspectives, and abilities to the table.

Building exterior in Toronto, Canada

Celebrating Abilities:

Our station is a testament to the fact that abilities come in many forms. We celebrate the talents and contributions of individuals of all abilities, recognizing that everyone has something valuable to offer. Whether it’s hosting a show, curating playlists, or managing our social media channels, each member of our team plays a vital role in bringing the magic of High Energy -TT Radio to life.

Breaking Barriers:

At High Energy -TT Radio, we are committed to breaking down barriers and challenging stereotypes surrounding disabilities. We believe that disability does not define a person’s worth or limit their potential. Instead, it is our shared humanity and passion for equality that unites us and drives us forward.

Accessibility Matters:

We strive to ensure that our station is accessible to all listeners, regardless of their abilities. From providing closed captioning for our online content to offering assistive technologies for individuals with visual or hearing impairments, we are dedicated to creating an inclusive environment where everyone can fully participate and engage.

Inspiring Others:

By showcasing the talents and contributions of individuals of all disabilities, we hope to inspire others to embrace diversity, challenge stereotypes, and create a more inclusive society. Through the power of music, sports and the arts also involving our community, we can break down barriers, build bridges, and celebrate the richness of human experience in all its forms.

Join Us:

Come be a part of our vibrant community at High Energy -TT Radio, where diversity is celebrated, and everyone is welcome to be themselves. Tune in, connect with us on social media, and let’s spread the joy of being yourself together.

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“Experience the power of diversity. Experience High Energy -TT, a good place to be yourself.

David La Caille

CEO, Greenprint

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